TSUMIKI is an interactive toy that combines building blocks with the digital world. The blocks' layout and positions are read by a sensor, and an image is projection-mapped onto the blocks to match how they are stacked. Depending upon how they are stacked, you can make animals appear or play number games, and illuminations are projected onto the completed built design. It is a unique experience that broadens enjoyment of building block play. If you arrange the size and shape of the blocks, they can be used not only as a toy, but for staged effects and window displays utilizing space.


  • Creative Director:Toshiyuki Hashimoto (PPP), Yasutaka Sasaki (PPP)
  • System Developer:Yoshito Onishi
  • Motion Designer:Seiya Nakano (aircord), Yumi Nishida (aircord)
  • Sound Designer:Takuya Takahashi
  • Illustrator:tupera tupera
  • Product Designer:Toshiya Hayashi (we+), Hokuto Ando (we+)
  • Product Creator:Makoto Sato (cocona)
  • Photographer:Yusuke Kitamura
  • Special Thanks:Kukkia, Hideaki Murata