Pixel Land with Chintiger

Pixel Land with Chintiger is an apartment hunting experience that combines the fun of apartment hunting with the unique Chintiger character. After capturing your apartment, that you design using tiles, with the exclusive app, it is then uploaded to the fictional internet town of Pixel Land. You can then search for your apartment, or an apartment that another user created, from around town. The fun is in using the pixel tiles, that represent the four colors of the Chintiger character, to design your apartment. You choose a template from the board on the wall and then affix magnet tiles to design it. The template designs are outlines of buildings modeled after house-plan diagrams. Once your apartment is complete, capture it with the exclusive app and upload it to Pixel Land. Once you capture it with the app, you can give it a name and register special keywords for it. These keywords will become tags that people can use to search for your apartment in Pixel Land. Once it has been uploaded, you can finally go apartment hunting. If you enter the tags of the apartment that you want to search for, through the keyboard, a navigation movie will start and take you to your desired apartment. The item displayed in the container will be a printed 3D representation of the pixel design created through the tiles. During a session, we can recreate Pixel Land in reality, by 3D printing the apartments of over 1600 participants.


  • Creative Director:Toshiyuki Hashimoto (PPP), Yasutaka Sasaki (PPP)
  • Art Director:Tomohiro Okazaki (PPP, SWIMMING)
  • Space Designer:Akira Yamage (PPP, mountain house architects)
  • iOS Developer:Koki Ibukuro
  • Web Developer:Yamato Honda, Taiki Niimi
  • Server Developer:Hajime Kobayashi
  • Sound Designer:Satoshi Murai (TYMOTE)
  • Motion Designer:Yo Nishimoto (SWIMMING)
  • Technical Support:Jungun Kim
  • Photographer:Daisuke Hayata
  • Videographer:Hajime Yamazaki
  • Special Thanks:Masahito Uchino (aircord), Sachiyo. C. Suedomi (aircord)