Media Arts Festival Children's Workshop

We have planned a children's workshop for the 18th Japan Media Arts Festival. We invited Media Arts Festival winning artist Mirai Mizue, and created glowing posters using conductive ink and LEDs.
At the beginning, the posters include only the drawn outline of the characters. Children use a conductive ink pen and paste on LEDs to produce an electronic circuit for the character, and Ms. Mizue finished the pictures by drawing in patterns for the character. Patterned circuits, animal-shaped circuits, and letter-shaped circuits—electronic circuits with various designs were born out of the children’s free imagination. The characters with their LEDs lit up seemed as if the children had blown life into them.


  • Creative Director:Toshiyuki Hashimoto (PPP), Yasutaka Sasaki (PPP)
  • Art Director:Tomohiro Okazaki (PPP, SWIMMING)
  • Illustrator:Mirai Mizue
  • Photographer:Daisuke Hayata