The King of Play

We have been involved in branding and the creation of new content for "Play Kingdom Peekaboo" developed by Capcom Co., Ltd. Play Kingdom Peekaboo is a kid’s edutainment space aimed at nurturing the abundant senses of children. It is a pioneer of such facilities in Japan, and is now in 11 stores throughout the country. We received a request for content to introduce to a newly opened store in Tokuyama, Yamaguchi prefecture, and we began planning with the aim of making this play equipment itself a symbol of the facility.

"The King of Play" is a play device that uses a 4K touch panel display. It was born from the idea, "What if there was a king in the Play Kingdom?" It not only allows you to experience the concept of Peekaboo, "play that leads to learning", but when combined with a panel in the image of a castle it also plays a role in creating the world of the kingdom.

There are actually two Kings of Play, one who plays with "shapes" and one who plays with "colors.”

The "King of Shapes" nurtures the sense of design through the experience of making the face of the King by putting the parts together. You will notice that, even with few parts, surprisingly diverse designs are created depending on how they are combined. Upload the completed face and your own King joins in the parade passing by the windows of the castle.

The theme of the " King of Colors" is the sensation of touching color. Various colored balls appear from the crown, designed to resemble coloring pencils, and float with a unique texture and floating feeling. You can try flicking the balls or overlapping balls of different colors. Try putting balls on the King’s moustache so it sways like a seesaw, or try placing them on his dimples that turn like gears. Children are sure to get hooked on this free play without any rules.

The King of Play is also equipped with scalable play. For example, you can create play by linking to various themes, like the King of Sounds or the King of Clocks. Children find their favorite king and develop their senses and creativity through play. And it is our hope that people will come to love Play Kingdom Peekaboo as the place where the King is. We are planning for the King of Play to be deployed in shops nationwide in the future.


  • Creative Director:Toshiyuki Hashimoto (PPP), Yasutaka Sasaki (PPP)
  • Art Director:Tomohiro Okazaki (SWIMMING)
  • Designer:Yo Nishimoto (SWIMMING)
  • Space Designer:Akira Yamage (mountain house architects)
  • System Developer:Koki Ibukuro, Miki Nomura (aircord)
  • System Support:Hisaki Ito (aircord)
  • Sound Designer:Shuta Hasunuma
  • Motion Designer:Yumi Nishida
  • Videographer:Yuhei Kodaka