GRAFFY is a video generator that animates drawings. If you scan a drawing, your drawing becomes a fun animation. You can freely customize the drawing template or animation. You can also archive your scanned pictures and enjoy them over a network.
At “THE CONTAINER” at TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK 2013, we had a GRAFFY installation on the topic of "Life of the future." We designed characters to be a combination of circular, triangular, and square pieces for the drawn templates. When scanned, the characters change to a variety of different motifs through rearranging of the pieces, creating countless designs from the combination of simple shapes. Finally, all of the pieces of three characters came together to form one big house. It depicted a story of the life of the future being created from the individual pieces drawn by the participants. GRAFFY casts magic on your drawing to show the story that lies ahead for it.


  • Creative Director:Toshiyuki Hashimoto (PPP), Yasutaka Sasaki (PPP)
  • Art Director:Tomohiro Okazaki (PPP / SWIMMING)
  • Sound Designer:Shuta Hasunuma
  • Space Designer:Akira Yamage (PPP / mountain house architects)
  • System Developer:Tomohiro Akagawa
  • Motion Designer:Yusuke Hiramatsu
  • iPad Interface Designer:Yasuaki Mio (KARAPPO), Takayasu Sagawa (KARAPPO)
  • Constructor:Kazumi Horie
  • Photographer:Daisuke Hayata, Yusuke Kitamura
  • Videographer:Hajime Yamazaki
  • Special Thanks:ICHIRO inc., we+ inc., aircord inc., SASAKI DESIGN INTERNATIONAL Inc., Yumi Nishida (aircord), Masahito Uchino (aircord), Maki Hitomi (aircord), Sachiyo. C. Suedomi (aircord), Hirotaka Ariga, Yuri Fujii, Honoka Fukudome, Yuki Sugimori, Tatsuya Yachi