Tokyo Midtown DESIGN HUB "KIDS WEEK 2014"

Continuing from 2013, we participated in "Kids Week 2014", held at the Tokyo Midtown Design Hub. We added an iPad app to WA!SK that was popular last time, and held a workshop to interact with color, shape and design. Participants experienced two appealing aspects of WA!SK, the enjoyment of handmade crafts and the interactivity of the app.
We set up the site by creating a "road" on the floor with colorful tape, which acted as a partition in the space. At the end of the event, we played with children by adding roads on the floor with colorful tape. The space generated new ideas for play.


  • Creative Director:Toshiyuki Hashimoto (PPP), Yasutaka Sasaki (PPP)
  • Art Director:Tomohiro Okazaki (PPP / SWIMMING)
  • iOS Developer:So Matsuda
  • Voice Effect:Koki Ibukuro
  • Space Designer:Akira Yamage (PPP / mountain house architects)
  • Photographer:Daisuke Hayata
  • Special Thanks:Maki Hitomi (aircord), Yo Nishimoto (SWIMMING)